BOTTER for enterprise and small businesses

Customer expectations are always evolving and so is your business. That’s why enterprise customer service software needs to be flexible.

    Discover BOTTER

    The Enterprise Arabic Conversational AI ChatBot

    Optimize Your CX. Grow Your Organization. Increase Your Reachability. Accelerate Your Sales with the First Arabic Enterprise Conversational ChatBot.

    WhatsApp Business for Marketing

    WhatsApp The New Marketing Era

    Treat every moment with a customer as an opportunity to build a relationship. With WhatsApp, you can chat with people on their preferred channel through a customized experience that’s quick to implement.

    Digital Workforce

    BOTTER X UiPath

    Achieve digitization by combining front-office chatbot with UiPath’s back-office Robotic Process Automation bots.

    Arabic SmallTalks

    Speak in flawless Arabic

    BOTTER speaks in 20+ languages with cutting-edge Arabic NLP, NLU, Speech-To-Text, and Text-To-Speech technologies to carry conversations in a wide range of Arabic dialects.

    English SmallTalks

    Go beyond the boundaries of the chat window

    Speech-enable your application with human-like Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech, voice verification, voice translation, and speech recognition technologies.

    Mobile Voice Bot

    Future-proof Customer Experience

    Transform your press-1-press-2 IVR with a human-like conversational voice bot to meet your ever-changing customers needs.

    Industries Brochures

    According to Forbes Insights, “More than half (62%) of middle eastern executives believe AI is emerging rapidly in their industry. In conclusion, about 88% of them believes that chatbots and Arabic chatbots are essential to their digital transformation and to improve the customer experience”.


    Telco Ai Chatbot


    Banking Ai Chatbot


    Automotive Ai Chatbot


    Insurance Ai Chatbot


    Aviation Ai Chatbot


    Healthcare Ai Chatbot


    Helpdesk Ai Chatbot


    Governmental Ai Chatbot

    Contact Centers Brochures

    Discover a range of contact center connectors by BOTTER


    BOTTER Cisco Connector


    BOTTER CXI Connector


    BOTTER Genesys Connector

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