The Enterprise Arabic Conversational AI Chatbot

Optimize Your CX. Grow Your Organization. Increase Your Reachability. Accelerate Your Sales with the First Arabic Enterprise Conversational Chatbot.

Enterprises Creating Optimized Conversational AI Experiences with BOTTER!

Give Life To Your Brand!

Creates voice your brand with of voice bot technologies to bring life your customers interactions.

Speech-enable your customer support utilizing out cutting-edge ASR and Arabic TTS technologies.

Enable your solution with cognitive AI & NLP services tailored to serve your conversational AI solution.

How can BOTTER help you
grow your business?

More than half (62%) of middle eastern executives, believe AI is emerging rapidly in their industry.
About 88% of them believe that chatbots & Arabic chatbots in specific are essential to digital transformation and to improve customer experience.

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BOTTER Cognitive Services

Cognitive AI & NLP

Enable your applications and products with AI-driven services than process natural language and extract actionable insights and measured decisions for unstructured data.

Advanced natural language processing to carry conversations in a wide range of Arabic dialects and 20+ languages to extract actionable insights and valuable analytics.

Pull from a rich ontology of more than 10,000 concepts and objects to generate value from your visual assets.

Extract printed and handwritten text from images and documents with mixed languages and writing styles.

Identify key terms and phrases, understand sentiments, and build conversational interfaces.

Embed facial recognition into your apps for a seamless and highly secured user experience.

What You will Get


The #1 business messenger and start delivering personalized experiences at every stage of customer journey.

Annual chat


BOTTER Chatbot Channels and Integrations

Omni-Channel Experience

Integrate your enterprise chat and voice bots easily with your applications & platforms, and interact with all your customers on their preferred channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, Instagram, MS Teams, Skype, websites, mobile apps, and over your IVR, with one consistent tone of voice.

How Can BOTTER Help You Grow your Business?

Scale-Up Your Business

Personalized Experience
Address your customers needs and target them with relevant content and measure the user engagement.

Accurate Arabic
BOTTER’s cutting-edge Arabic NLP and NLU technologies create an enterprise-grade AI engine that detects a wide range of Arabic dialects.

BOTTER is built to be easily interfacing with various channels like WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger, and contact center solutions such as Genesys & Cisco.

WhatsApp Business for Marketing

Boost your Sales & Reach your Customers with WhatsApp Marketing

Reach out to new customers, boost sales and customer experience with the highest open and response rates using BOTTER campaign manager.

BOTTER Make it Easy

Campaign Manager


Design your workflows with easy drag-and-drop functionality to automate multifaceted campaigns.

Campaign Creation

Create personalized cross-channel campaigns to meet your brand goals and reach your target audience.


Turn your pre-set workflows on autopilot to launch drip campaigns at the right date and time, and engage with subscribers with no manual intervention.

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