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Boost Your Sales & Reach Your Customers With WhatsApp Marketing

Reach new customers, boost sales and customer experience with the highest open and response rates with WhatsApp for marketing.


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WhatsApp Onboarding

WhatsApp Business for Marketing

Campaign Manager


Design your workflows with easy drag-and-drop functionality to automate multifaceted campaigns.

Campaign Creation

Create personalized cross-channel campaigns to meet your brand goals and reach your target audience.


Turn your pre-set workflows on autopilot to launch drip campaigns at the right date and time, and engage with subscribers with no manual intervention.

WhatsApp Marketing vs Other Platforms

The New Trend

Get the highest adoption rate and the highest open and response rates with conversation AI marketing via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption which makes it more secure to share sensitive data and OTP.

WhatsApp will have your verified brand name, profile image, and contact information.

Without limits, send all what you want to your users within 24 hours window with the same cost.

With 95% open rate and 50% response rate, WhatsApp is the most attractive channel for your marketing activities.

WhatsApp has the highest open rates across all communication channels.

BOTTER Chatbot Channels and Integrations

Omni-Channel Experience

Integrate your enterprise chat and voice bots easily with your applications & platforms, and interact with all your customers on their preferred channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, Instagram, MS Teams, Skype, websites, mobile apps, and over your IVR, with one consistent tone of voice.


Get the #1 business messenger and start delivering personalized experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

Annual chat


WhatsApp for Marketing


Get the highest engagement with WhatsApp marketing. Turn ads into conversations with your customers. Re-engage with existing customers with personalized offers and recommendations that they choose to receive.

Send relevant and timely messages to your customers. Increase engagement and awareness with product recommendations and product updates.

WhatsApp for Sales

Drive More Sales

Drive incremental sales by building shopping experiences within WhatsApp conversations. Sell to audiences new to e-commerce with simple and convenient buying experiences.

WhatsApp for Customer Service

Customer Service

Offer efficient & seamless customer support through conversations. Improve customer satisfaction and lower your service costs with conversational automation.

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