BOTTER Cognitive Services


Enable your applications and products with AI-driven NLP services to process natural language, extract actionable valuable analytics, and measure decisions from your unstructured data.

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Cognitive Services for Conversational AI

A managed service to add high-quality natural language capabilities, from sentiment analysis and entity extraction to automated questions answering, vision services and OCR.

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Intent Recognition and Entity Extraction

Customizable domain specific models with intent classification & entity extraction.

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Conversational Language Understanding

Enable your apps to interact with users through natural language processing (NLP).

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Sentiment Analysis

Identify key terms and phrases, understand sentiments, and build conversational interfaces.

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Text Extraction (OCR)

Extract printed and handwritten text from images and documents with mixed languages and writing styles.

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Image Understanding

Pull from a rich ontology of more than 10,000 concepts and objects to generate value from your visual assets.

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Face API

Embed facial recognition into your apps for a seamless and highly secured user experience.

Plug & Play

BOTTER NLP comes with a variety of plug and play NLP and cognitive services to empower different industries based models to small talks and chitchats models.

Arabic Small Talks Real Bot

Samples of what to write to test..

English Small Talks Real Bot

Samples of what to write to test..

Computer Vision Services

Pull from a rich ontology of more than 10,000 concepts and objects to generate value from your visual assets.


"categories": [
"name": "text_",
"score": 0.703125,
"detail": null
"name": "screenshot",
"confidence": 0.95590841770172119
"name": "newspaper",
"confidence": 0.88713115453720093

Bring a Human Touch to your Chatbot

Reinforce Your Business

Reinforce your business with NLP and cognitive services.

Gathering real-time data from chatbot interactions.

Extracting valuable insights classifying entities, understanding context and intent, and identifying useful patterns.

Designing small talks models based on extracted information and customer feedback.

Building industry-specific ML data model and intent & entity map.

Train and test models to extract measurable results.

Enable ongoing training to get smarter models with every interaction.

Voice ChatBot and Cognitive Services

Bring a Human Touch to your Chatbot

BOTTER NLP Technologies

Advanced natural language processing to carry conversations in a wide range of Arabic dialects and 100+ languages to extract actionable insights and valuable analytics, using different technology masters.

Speech Translation

Communicate Across Languages

Real-time normalized speech translation supported by neural machine translation technology to translate audio from 20+ languages.

Easy Deployment

Easily deploy BOTTER on-premises, on-cloud, or on your private cloud to meet your organization’s infrastructural requirements..

On-Premises Deployment

Deploy on-premise to meet your organization’s needs, with full support for VMs or containers.

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Cloud Deployment

Deploy on the cloud to increase operational efficiency. BOTTER components are fully available on a-public or private cloud.

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