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Leverage your banking chatbot by automating your banking services, assist your customers with smarter financial decisions, and provide them with personalized real-time support 24/7.

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Interactive Conversational Chatbot for Banking


Build an Exceptional Banking Chatbot & Virtual Assistant

According to Gartner, only 1/3 of the customer service interactions require human support and 45% of users prefer the chatbots..


Personal Banking

BOTTER banking chatbot assists your customers with automated self-services such as checking account balance & transactions history, applying for bank services, transfer funds, and many more.


Customer Support

BOTTER banking chatbot enables your bank to offer a human-like 24/7 assistance to your customers providing them with a seamless banking experience.


Personalized Marketing

BOTTER banking chatbot enables you to target your customers with personalized campaigns for announcing new services and products that match your customers’ preferences.


Lead Acquisition

Acquire and nurture your leads database by acquiring information and answering your potential customers’ frequent questions with an advanced AI conversational chatbot.

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Branch Assistance

Inform your customers with the nearest branch or ATM location, with the ability to show the availability of the services to expect and the working hours.

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Agent Routing

BOTTER banking chatbot allows your agents to view the customers’ engagements in real-time as all the chat activities take place in a unified platform.

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Customer Feedback

Attend to all the customers’ important insights and feedback about their banking experience, saving-at-risk customers, and develop & maintain their loyalty through dynamic conversational surveys.

BOTTER Chatbot Channels and Integrations

Omni-Channel Experience

Integrate your enterprise chat and voice bots easily with your applications & platforms, and interact with all your customers on their preferred channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, Instagram, MS Teams, Skype, websites, mobile apps, and over your IVR, with one consistent tone of voice.

No-Code Chatbot Builder

Build at the Speed of Thought!

Easily drag, drop, and connect conversation blocks & pre-built cards to create media-rich interactive conversations using our no-code flow builder.

Utilize easy to use interface to build conversations by easily drag, drop, and connect conversation blocks and pre-built cards.

Test your design after each new addition on mobile and desktop without waiting for integrations and engineering time.

Use our easy-to-use widget builder to build fully customized branded widgets in a matter of minutes, to provide a unique seamless UI/UX for your customers.

Give a Voice to your Brand NLP

Bring a Human Touch to your Services

Advanced natural language processing to carry conversations in a wide range of Arabic dialects and 20+ languages, to extract actionable insights and valuable analytics.

Easy Deployment

Easily deploy BOTTER on-premises, on-cloud, or on your private cloud to meet your organization’s infrastructural requirements..

On-Premises Deployment

Deploy on-premise to meet your organization’s needs, with full support for VMs or containers.

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Cloud Deployment

Deploy on the cloud to increase operational efficiency. BOTTER components are fully available on a public or private cloud.

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