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Frequently Asked Questions

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BOTTER is sold in 2 model: Active Users (AU) model and 24-HR Conversations model.

An active user is a person who uses the bot services once, twice, or many times during a period of 30 consecutive days, through a given media (for example, Facebook Messenger).

In a 24-hr conversation, a user uses the bot services once, twice, or many times during a period of 24 hours window frame, through a given media (for example, Facebook Messenger).

We identify users by their identification method for a given channel. For example, in WhatsApp or Telegram, we use the phone number, in FB messenger, we use the Facebook ID, and for the web chat, we use browser cookies.

No, there is no limitation on how many messages one user can send in the interaction, as well as on how many interactions can be made within 30 consecutive days or 24 hours window.

The BOTTER’s AU/CV packages are indeed fully inclusive of NLP engine, technical support, hosting fees and WhatsApp inbound fees. This allows you to have one all-inclusive contract rather than maintaining several contracts with different service providers.

No, the bot service will continue working and we will notify you. If you keep exceeding your package by more than 10% over several months in a row, we may ask you to upgrade your service to a higher package.

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing and is a function that BOTTER platform uses to understand the sentences in human language and to map these sentences to the function BOTTER can perform. For example the phrase “I would like to fly to Amsterdam” will activate the ticket booking function of the bot and the phrase “I would like to see a doctor” means the bot will help the consumer to schedule an appointment with a doctor.

Intent is the meaning of the phrase in natural human language mapped to a function a bot can perform or to the question the bot is trained to answer. For example, if a consumer types something like “I need to know how much cash I have” or “Can I get my account balance” or “Show me my balance” – all these 3 phrases effectively mean the same intent – the “account balance” – a function that a banking bot is typically trained to answer.

BOTTER can recognize human-like sentences in multiple languages including English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and many more. The list is growing so please feel free to ask if you need a certain language to be supported.

We normally train the NLP function to understand the intent (this is what your consumer wants to do) with at least 70-80% accuracy when BOTTER is launched to production. The BOTTER keeps learning and as more and more consumers use it, you will be able to easily train BOTTER to understand your customers in 90% of cases.

BOTTER offers you graphical user interface to train the NLP models. There, you can see the human phrases which the bot did not recognize and map these phrases to the known intents. This means BOTTER will understand the human language better and better as time goes.

BOTTER supports web chat, mobile applications based on Android & IOS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Skype for Business, MS Teams, and some other customer engagement channels.

Yes, BOTTER can integrate with legacy systems using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. Our solution is fully compatible and tested with the best in class UIPath RPA solution, moreover we can automate with the other RPA solutions if required.

Yes, the BOTTER chat widget is fully customizable and during the installation we will customize its colors, font appearance and size, logo and other aspects to match the style of your website.
After installation, you can, by yourself, easily change anything with the styling as per your business recommendations.

We build the BOTTER flows and configuration in a way that they do not store any payment card details and whenever a financial transaction has to be made, BOTTER will redirect the flow to the payment gateway. This makes BOTTER fully comply with PCI-DSS standard.

Yes, the BOTTER deployment package includes a training workshop for bot flows building. You will learn the basics of building, changing, testing, and deploying the bot flows so that in the future you will be able to do changes yourself, even complex flows or 3rd party integrations.

BOTTER has 2 deployment models, on cloud and on-prem. Our cloud hosting uses Microsoft Azure cloud and we have several instances currently in Europe, Middle East, and the UK.
On-prem and hybrid deployment models can be easily done with VMs, bare-metal servers, or containers, as per your organization nature.

We don’t have any limitation because BOTTER is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud which is dynamically scalable. We have some instances handling millions of interactions every month.

Yes, BOTTER team will help you with registering your number and getting WhatsApp Business API approval. We have a team that is experienced and will do the most of paperwork on your behalf.

It depends on the complexity of the self services and the number of questions you want the chatbot to answer. A basic working bot capable of answering a few questions can take 5-7 days to build, test and deploy on your website. Complex projects may easily take 2-4 months to complete. We usually recommend starting with a few simple flows and adding more functions in subsequent phases rather than trying to build a complex solution one-shot.

Multiple advantages are depending on the industry and the use case. Common advantages are that BOTTER can work 24/7 and the cost per customer service request is typically 4-8 times less if you use the BOTTER. Even if the interaction is later transferred to the agent, BOTTER can automate the initial information gathering and transfer the data to the agents thus helping humans serving the customer quicker.

BOTTER comes with a reporting system for both real-time and historical reporting. You can see how many consumers use the bot services, across which channels, how well the NLP performs, how many users you have served, and many others. Reports are available in graphical format & you can also export data into CSV files to analyze them in excel or other data analysis & visualization tools.

Yes, BOTTER has several types of privileges that may be granted to users as necessary depending on their roles. These are not limited to flow building, NLP administration, and solution administration.