Beyond the Limits

BOTTER Extensions

Exceed the chat window limits with innovative extensions to improve your conversational chatbot experience.

    Group 52

    For Every Use Case

    Empower your business with Conversation Extensions for purchases, surveys, appointments, maps, payment, & any complex long use cases.

    Scale up your workflow

    Scale up your workflow

    Scale up your workflow

    Make the Impossible

    Compatible with All Channels

    Extensions are HTML based applications that use BOTTER APIs to get integrated with any 3rd party application to give you a great conversational experience across all supported channels.

    Great Conversational Experience

    Offer your customers the best customer experience in town, on their preferred channels..

    Extension is a web based application that’s easy to develop, easy to customize, to enhance your conversational experience.

    Extension is designed to work across all supported channels.

    Designed to deliver a seamless integration with different solutions and services via the backend server side integrations.

    With endless options, extension gives you the ability to add complicated flows and services to your conversional AI chatbot.

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