Essential Ways Botter Will Optimize Your CX

The customer has become the center of the entire strategy, their experience with a brand has become the main concern for every marketing team. BOTTER can be a trusted ally in offering service that’s up to the height of their expectations.

We can use BOTTER to

  • Automate quick responses.
  • Have conversations.
  • Automatically correct information.
  • Compatible with several platforms
  • Bots record data, trends and metrics to subsequently monitor interactions and adjust their process accordingly
  • Cross selling all your products and retarget your customer efficiently
  • Time and language is no longer a limitation, Your Bot is available 24/7.

BOTTER we have three powerful technologies behind this talking robot, which permit for human interaction and for it to learn about our likes and preferences over time; Widget Builder, Stemmer, Flow Builder. Thanks to these advances, these systems have developed a highly valuable level of trust and sophistication for corporations.

Botter at the customer experience’s service

Forbes projects that 40% of firms will have or will start using Botter at the end of 2019. Their progress related to Artificial Intelligence and natural language recognition will make it just about impossible to distinguish a Botter from a conversation with a human, offering added-value to the service provided to customers. How? We’ll use them to give an immediate response to our consumers’ needs and provide them with useful information

Diving into Deeper into Botter

The decision driving factor for Executives when comes to Botter are:

A- Powerful Arabic NLP engine.

B- Seamless and appealing widget UI/UX.

Since, the above are the main reasons behind providing a good self-service that off loads agents and save a lot of costs 

The Botter Frame work

Our innovation centers offers a hands-on solutions based on   the latest AI technologies and geared by strong team of linguists that optimize a seamless experience catered to empower and compliment all Genesys solutions to reach the ultimate experience and stand against competitors

Botter Framework, consists of many components designed to enrich the user experience, optimize the accuracy, and create intuitive flows quicker.


Our First Hero is our

Widget Builder

Customize your Botter easily, with a simple easy to use powerful interface that enable you to build a fully customized branded widgets in a matter of minutes, not days providing unique seamless UI/UX for your customers

With IST Widget builder its now easier to customize your Botter window to match your branding guidelines. With a simple easy to use powerful interface that enable you to build a fully customized branded widgets without any required technical background in a matter of minutes, providing unique seamless UI/UX for your customers.

Drag and Drop editor. No Code programming needed!

Creating your own customized chat window, without learning the coding language, according to your brand’s identity. Select your preferred colors, logo, and the shape of the speech bubble

Works on all Platforms

Once you easily create it you can run it on many platforms Facebook messenger, website, Email and even Skype. It Works perfectly on desktops and mobile devices.

According to Forbes Insights “More than half (62%) of Middle Eastern executives believe AI is emerging rapidly in their industry. About 88% of them believes that Botter are essential to their digital transformation and to Improve customer experience.

Our Second Hero is


With the immerging need of Arabic NLP and the huge traction of Botter in MENA region Our Stemmer came to fill the gap and enhance the level of understanding of Arabic language and deal with its complexity. By Performing an NLP practice based on AI that recognizes, search and retrieving more forms of Arabic words and dialects.

It greatly enhance accuracy and increase confidence rate. Save a lot of training time since it automates & decrease the human effort for data preparation, classification reduced to more than the quarter from 6 month to 1.5 month.

Stemmer raised intents accuracy on same dialect in ranges:
From 64 % – 72 % with confidence >80% according to
WIT statistics based on precision and recall formal.


Our last Hero supporting our Botter is our

Flow Builder

Keeping your Botter in the right flow is a must

With Flowbuilder you can always input logic to what your customer asks and how you’re Botter answers. From scenarios to fast and easy answers provided to your customer by your Botter.

Building the chat dialogue is easier like never before! It’s all done by readymade blocks dialogue that is functional for creating interactive models, generating questions and answers, interaction with the user having that chat saved, every time your client opens the windows, they will be able to see the previous data provided.

Flow builder is catered for building Botter with no coding or technical background required that supports rich media with a predefined cards and modules for certain verticals back with the latest AI and NLP technologies


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