Contact Center Empowerment with Botter Conversational AI.

Contact Center Empowerment with Botter Conversational AI.

Traditional engagement with your customers can rather be a challenging experience since voice interaction does not always meet the caller’s expectation. Waiting on a queue, multiple transfers, being put on hold, repeating oneself and generally spending too much time getting enquiries answered can rather be frustrating for the customers and to the business. With voice it has to happen as a synchronous messaging, meaning we both have to be on at the same time, meaning as a customer, one has to set aside 30 minutes of their time for example to call their bank. Rather than do it asynchronous at their own convenient time, reply when they need to. More more and we are seeing that consumer behavior towards how they want to interact with brands are shifting. Where the powers are now with the customer and not the company. Consumers want to interact with brands on their own terms, in their own time, and on the channels they are use to, chat. 


Today, conversational AI is playing a role in improving this customer experience in call centers to include interactivity through chatbots — smart, natural language virtual agents. These bots are designed to comprehend the customer’s intent, understand free form language, through natural language processing, they are unlike the first generations of bots, which used “word spottin”, instructuring user to interact with them via specific words. Users can perform self-services such as changing a password, checking account balance, or booking an appointment, and many more without the need to speak to an agent.



Using Stemmer Natural Language Processing (NLP), a technology that allows you to create intelligent conversational chatbots, you can turn your call center contact flows into natural conversations that provide personalized experiences for your callers. 


The Technology Arm

Using the same technology that powers Botter, the Conversational AI can be attached to the flow of the interactions, recognizing the intent of it, asking dynamic follow-up questions, and providing solutions & answers. Botter conversational AI keeps the context and while moderating dialogues and dynamically tailoring the responses in relation to the chat, so your contact center resources can be free to  perform more complicated or high priority tasks. But not only that, you gain access to insights on the customer journey, insights that are actionable and will allow you to plan, predict and understand more of what your customers want.

Powerful Integratibility  

Integration with contact center is available with contact center, a simple to use, cloud-based and on-premise contact center service ready to integrate to but not limited to Cisco, Genesys and many more.


Here is an example of a BOTTER conversational AI enabled genesys cloud platform 


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