Botter Arabic Chatbot | 6 ways to optimize your banking Experience

Banks and other businesses in the finance industry in MENA usually have a huge customer base. As a result, it becomes challenging providing a seamless customer experience to and offers their potential customers with all the guidance and help they need. That’s why untraditional channels like social media channels such as facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, youtube and many more help banks scale and grow, retain and acquire new customers. 

Investment is always needed to maintain sustained customer service efficiency and that requires loads of money.

Botter Chatbot help banks to connect over all those channels over the contact center solution avoiding training costs and optimize and customize the customer’s journey at every touchpoint, saving banks valuable time and effort. 


Arabic banking conversational AI i is a digitization trend that shouldn’t be disregarded it’s crucial in the digital transformation of the banks CX. in fact according to Gartner” only 1/3 of customer service interactions require human support, and  45% of users prefer chatbots.

Botter Chatbot automates complicated time-consuming customer inquiries and requests in a timely manner and in a personalized way. Plus, it allows the human agents to focus on the crucial tasks at hand. Easing customer’s frustration and deliver services and products faster. 

Here is a video showcasing the banking chatbot in action

Banking Security standard and Botter Arabic Chatbot 

Other advantages that need highlight are the privacy and security it offers. This is so because the personal data it transmits are confidential, hence all the security standards that botter address by deploying the chatbot with the AI and NLP engine on-premise allowing the bank to secure all the customer’s information and banks data. 

The great concern of trust for customers to establish a relationship with banks to share their credit card, account information is the misuse of their information. With a Botter chatbot, this concern is addressed and vanished for instance the chatbot can automatically mask any information the might violate the security of the customer or the bank hosted privately in the bank’s premises. So not only deploying on-premises but following also accurately following the bank’s security standards, building trust and credibility to the banks and the customer’s relationship 

Botter Advanced Arabic NLP & NLU Conversational Banking

Leveraging the power of banking services through Arabic NLP and NLU technologies, we practice the latest Arabic techniques that have decreased the chatbot time to market by 75% and increasing the word spotting accuracy by 13%

Banking Various Integration Points

Botter Arabic Chatbot come with various Pre-built API’s to integrate with the bank’s CRM platforms and other channels to fully utilize the data and maximize lead generation and enhance the overall performance organization performance

Botter Conversational Banking Solution benefits 

  • Personal Banking – Assists your customers to perform automated self-services such as checking account balance, transaction history, and much more.
  • Loan Management – Enable customers to manage and apply for new loans, providing them with expert financial advice 
  • Faster and Secure transactions – Allow your customers to transfer cash and pay bills in a timely secure manner. 
  • Lead Acquisition – Nurture your leads database by converting them into opportunities by answering all there inquires
  • Customer Support – Offer a human-like  24/7 assistance whether its an emergency like losing an ATM card or by simply answering account-related questions 
  • Create Your Own – Botter framework enables your organization to add chatbot new services in a matter of seconds

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