Botter Chatbot | 6 ways to optimize your Citizen Experience

Government services globally are pressured to become more efficient by incorporating digital technologies and processes into their day-to-day operations. Because of the enormous citizens’ daily requests to public-sector organizations.

Digital transformation has become crucial in most cases, agencies are to streamline and automate processes using AI. Such methods where Botter helps in making direct communication between citizens and governments over all the necessary touchpoints.

Botter Arabic chatbot made it to quickly adapt to the ever-changing digital requirements through easily integrating to all communication channels and contact center systems, saving operational cost and efficiently delivering citizens’ services in a timely manner

Botter Chatbot is designed to optimize Citizens’ Experience

By Integrating Botter Arabic Chatbot to public sector websites and contact centers, public sectors will be enabled to transform time-consuming hectic processes into a simple interactive Q&A format that is communicated to citizens right through the chat window.

Services that citizens seek on a daily basis can also be built and accessed through a carousel menu in the chat window. That can be updated and changed through a simple UI/UX drag and drop Botter chatbot builder.

Any service through Botter chatbot can be catered to the citizens, with all the required automation government services such as immigration authorities, utility agencies, and motor vehicle departments, are no exception.

Citizens seeking these services are bound to run into self-services that can be easily automated, saving the public sectors lots of money and saving time and effort for both the citizens and public employees.

Public sectors will always listen to the voice of the citizens and stay up-to-date with the issues and concerns of their citizens, through interactive VOC questionnaire asked through the chatbot

Here are the 6 main benefits of Botter to both the Citizens and the public sectors

E-Gov Requests
Botter e-gov chatbot provides your citizens with all the e-gov related documents and requirements. Botter also is built to answer all their FAQ in a conversational interactive way and assists them to submit their papers for any services offered any of the public sectors.

Immigration Services
Provide a seamless experience to your channels visitors by fulfilling various immigration services such as visas, issuing a passport, renewing a travel document and many more providing your tourists and citizens with an optimum experience

Public Health Services
Help and assist your patients with all the public documents they need and inform them with the nearest hospital/health provider in their are with the capability to optimize the chatbot to be special needs friendly using ASR/TTS

Utility Services
Let your citizens apply for new utility services and manage view and pay their bills and answer all their utility FAQ in a seamless human-like experience with botter chatbot

Public Educational Services
Support your students with all the educational material, test scores, documents and many more in a unique personalized experience with a simple to use interactive chatbot experience.

National Driving Authority Self Services

Botter builds a chatbot that is capable of enabling your citizens to tax their vehicle, apply/renew licenses, view their driving license and many more greatly reducing your operational costs and increasing your citizen’s experience.


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