BOTTER Chatbot 3 Ways to Empower your Contact Center Solution


The best way to ensure that you can successfully deflect calls from the IVR and the contact center is to ensure the accuracy of the other self-service channels such as web self-service and chatbot.

As in the matter of fact according to Uberall 36% of consumers think chatbot accuracy needs to improve & 19% want chatbots to hold a more ‘human’-sounding, natural conversation.

We understand that, and that is why we empowered our Botter Chatbot with a powerful Arabic NLP Engine and a framework that is tailored for the enterprise market specifically for the MENA region creating a true omnichannel experience for your customers.

Let’s see how botter framework capabilities that increase accuracy

  1. STEMMER: Powerful Arabic NL engine.
  2. Widget Builder: Seamless and appealing UI/UX widget builder
  3. Flow Builder: Cognitive flow that simulates human-like interactions with the capability of enabling TTS/ASR

1.Implement A Powerful Arabic NLP Engine and Word Spotting Technologies VIA STEMMER

Arabic NLP

With the emerging need of Arabic NLP and the huge traction of Chatbots in MENA region, Our Stemmer came to fill the gap and enhance the level of understanding of the Arabic language and deal with its complexity, Performing an NLP practice based on AI that recognizes, search and retrieving more forms of Arabic words and dialects.


It greatly enhances accuracy and increases confidence rate, save a lot of training time since it automates & decreases the human effort for data preparation, classification reduced to more than the quarter from 6 months to 1.5 months.

Word Spotting

Word spotting greatly enhances the efficiency and optimizes the response time of the chatbot reducing costs understanding the user’s frequent interactions

2. Build and customize your widget in a matter of minutes VIA Widget Builder

Customize your chatbot easily, with a simple easy to use powerful interface that enables you to build a fully customized branded widgets in a matter of minutes, not days providing unique seamless UI/UX for your customers

  • Rich media support
  • Ready-made drag and drop widgets
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Multiple Chat Widgets
  • Ready-Made Blocks

3.Create a deploy an advance cognitive chatbot flow with minimal coding required

Create engaging beautifully designed smart cards for your users.

  • Enrich your cards with rich media
  • Add Actions buttons to your cards
  • Action buttons can be “Click2Call”, “Open HTTP link” , or start other flow
  • Create Carousels of cards
  • Display a wealth of data smartly using tables and icons

Since we are taking optimizations and numbers lets see how crucial it is to deploy and implement BOTTER to your organization

Let’s start by some facts about AI Chatbots in MENA

According to Forbes Insights “More than 62% of Middle Eastern executives believe AI is emerging rapidly in their industry”

About “88% of them believes that chatbots are essential to their digital transformation and to improve customer experience”

Globally Gartner predicts By 2021, more than “50% of enterprises will spend more per annum on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development”

Botter Framework is empowered by a plug and play capability that can connect to any CISCO or Genesys contact center solution optimizing and enhancing customers experience


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