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According to Statista's 2019 results, 78% of service organizations leverage conversational AI bots in simple self-service scenarios. Right in the second place with 77% is using bots to assess the type and difficulty of a query before passing it on to human agents

Personalized Experience

Address your customer needs and target them with relevant content and measure the user engagement.

Accurate NLP & NLU

Address your customer needs and target them with relevant content and measure the user engagement.


BOTTER built to be easily implemented on various platforms and contact center solutions such as Genesys Cisco, FB & What'sApp

Seamless Integration

Botter come with various Pre-built API's to integrate with your CRM platforms and other channels to fully utilize the data and enhance your organization performance

Analytics and Reports

View & export reports at the palm of your hands with all the essential insights numbers of active users, time record, active sessions and many more

One Bot All Channels

One consistent tone of voice reaching out to more customers using your website or app to email, GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, text/SMS, Twilio, Cortana, and Skype for Business.

Server Solution Copy

On-prem & Cloud Deployment Models

BOTTER comes fully with different deployment model to meet your enterprise requirements , BOTTER provide one of the best Arabic On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud ChatBot and NLP Engines That meet your security standard model

Botter Sectors

Botter has built a new quick response chatbot package for COVID-19 for organizations to automate inquires and to enable business continuity, keeping your employees and customers safe during the current pandemic. Learn more now from this link

Conversational Banking Of The Future

Leverage our banking bot by automating your banking services, assist your customers with smarter financial decisions and provide them with personalized real-time support 24/7.

Gartner"only 1/3 of customer service interactions require human support. 45% of users prefer chatbots

Streamline Your Passengers Experience Across All Channels

Botter Aviation chatbot assist your passengers with automated tailored services such as booking a flight, reservation support, flight details, prices and many more in a personalized real-time 24/7 experience.

68% of airlines and 42% of airports are planning to adopt AI-driven chatbot services by 2020. – SITA

Humanize your CX with an enterprise-grade telecom chatbot

Botter enables the telecom industry to leverage the power of conversational AI and increase your customer's outreach and boost your sales by automating your self-services in a personalized 24/7
enterprise-grade telecom chatbot.

Reduce operational costs, boost customers outreach and automate more than 90% of your telecom customer's inquiries

Digitize your government and optimize citizen experience

Botter Government chatbot enables agencies to provide a unique customer experience for your citizens with various capabilities starting from collecting citizens feedback to facilitating their paperwork in different sectors such as public health sector and department of motor and many more providing them with 24/7 online support

According to Gartner "25 % of Customer Service Operations Will Use Virtual Customer Assistants by 2020" and decrease customer inquiry emails up to 50%

Digitize your help desk experience

Botter Helpdesk chatbot enables agencies to provide a unique experience for your employees with various capabilities starting from doing small tasks like forget password, to help them troubleshoot their IT issues and many more providing them with 24/7 online support


Flawless NLP | Faster Time-To-Market

Quick-witted NLP practice powered by Luis and wit that retrieves more forms suffixes & prefixes, decreasing your time-to-market. 



One bot all channels

Seamless Integrations For a True Omni-Channel Experience

Integrate easily with your apps and platforms and Interact with all your customers on various devices and channels with one consistant tone of voice.

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