BOTTER Chatbot

For The Aviation &

Travel Agencies

Botter Aviation chatbot assist your passengers with automated tailored

services such as booking a flight, reservation support, flight details,

prices and many more in a personalized real-time 24/7 experience

Build An Exceptional Chatbot With BOTTER

68% of airlines and 42% of airports are planning to adopt AI-driven chatbot services by 2020. – SITA


Booking Agent

Provide your passengers & travelers with a seamless experience and stimulate a realtime booking human-like agent assisting them in buying and changing their ticketings and providing them with all the information they need

Travel Updates

Offer your customers with a personalized experience providing them with all the trip updates such as the flight schedule, gate numbers, location with real-time notifications and FAQ capability

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Keep your website & application visitors engaged and draw the attention of your potential customers, answering all their important questions and providing them with expert trip advice, booking information and details, pricing and much more, integrating their information to your CRM for your sales representatives to start engaging with them reaching out to more potential leads

Check in & Boarding Assistant

Take your customer experience to the next level by enabling your travelers to check-in and get their boarding information through a conversational interactive chatbot providing them with a unique personalized experience

Customer Care & Feedback

Provide your customers with personalized customer experience as BOTTER engine learns from their frequent records and preferences. Enriching their experience with more personalized questions and inquires in addition to asking them for their feedback to enhance both the traveler and the agent experience

Why BOTTER for your Enterprise

According to Statista's 2019 results, 78% of service organizations leverage conversational AI bots in simple self-service scenarios. Right in the second place with 77% is using bots to assess the type and difficulty of a query before passing it on to human agents

Onpremise & cloud Deployment

Capability to deploy the chatbot on premise or on your organization private cloud meeting all your organization security standards

Advanced NLP & NLU

Quick-witted NLP practice powered by Luis and wit that retrieves more forms suffixes & prefixes, decreasing your time-to-market. 

Various Integration Points

otter come with various Pre-built API's to integrate with your CRM platforms and other channels to fully utilize the data and enhance your organization performance

Analytics and Reports

View & export reports at the palm of your hands with all the essential insights numbers of active users, time record, active sessions and many more

Swiftly Build, design and deploy an enterprise-grade

chatbot with BOTTER

Drive your organizations' digital transformation and build your own enterprise chatbot now