BOTTER Chatbot For The Telecom Industry

Build An Exceptional Telecom Chatbot With BOTTER

BOTTER Telecom Chatbot is packed with a set of features that optimize your customer experience with a variety of self-services and 24/7 customer support

Self Services

Enable your customers to have a unique personalized experience through an AI conversational chatbot that offers them a variety of self-services such as credit transfer, credit recharge, know their internet usage and many more automating most of your services and reducing your operational costs.

Technical Support

Stimulate your telecom chatbot to act as a technical agent and support your customers with all the technical inquiries such as setting up a new router, configuring their internet, network troubleshooting and many more.

Store Location

With Botter build a telecom chatbot that can direct customers to the nearest store location and inform them with the operational hours and the services that they should expect with all the important faq of the documents that should have in hand while applying for new services and products.

Customer Support

BOTTER telecom chatbot enables your company you offer a human-like  24/7 assistance to your customers providing them with a seamles experience answering all their account related questions and assisting them by the hour.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Engage with your website visitors and all the other channels in real-time answering all the frequently asked questions and promote your products and services, gathering their information for growing your customer's database and potential customer acquisition.

Feedback Collection

Botter telecom chatbot enables your company to acquire all your customers feedback in a true omnichannel approach, allowing your organization to have a 360-degree view of your customers enhancing your customer experience and employee performance.

Why Build an Automotive Chatbot with BOTTER?

According to Forbes Insights “More than half (62%) of Middle Eastern executives believe AI is emerging rapidly in their industry in conculsion about 88% of them believes that chatbots are essential to their digital transformation and to Improve customer experience.

Personalized Experience

Address your customer needs and target them with relevant content and measure the user engagement.


Chatbots are built to be easily implemented on various platforms and contact center solutions such as Genesys & Cisco.

Cost & Effeciency

Our AI Powered intelligent chatbot reduces the number customer calls to your contact center, as chatbots can answer the majority of customer queries with an average call volume growing at a rate of 20% YOY

Accurate Arabic

Leverage the power of our highly performing NLP technology capable of building human-like AI chatbots in 20+ languages.

Seamless Integration

Botter integrates with Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp channels and many more

Powerful Chatbot Builder

BOTTER Framework enables you to build an enterprise-grade chatbot in a matter of minutes using our flow builder and widget builder solution



Build, design and deploy

an enterprise-grade chatbot with BOTTER

Drive your organizations' digital transformation and build your own enterprise chatbot now